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RVC Travel

Travel Trials & Tryout Overview

The Rockville Centre Soccer Club is committed to the long term development of all players.  Our goal is to provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring all players reach their full potential based on the stage of the development that they are in.  RVCSC Board of Directors oversees the annual tryout process with our trusted partners which can vary by age group and team.  The Board relies upon the recommendations from our independent training partners such as:  New York Red Bulls Youth Programs, Individual 3rd Party Professional Trainers and RVCSC Director of Coaching (Bryan Alcantara) to help form the teams for Fall 2024 season. 

Each year in May/June, the RVCSC enters into the Team Formation & Trialist Period.  For the 2024 - 2025 Season, the Trialist Period, which includes both Trials & Tryouts, will be held May 6th through 23rd.  This Trialist Period is closed to parents as we look to evaluate each player on their own merits.  


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Current Rostered RVC Travel Teams | Current & Aspiring Travel Players (new U10 - U19)

Trials Dates:  May 13-16 / 20-23


In support of the annual player evaluation and team formation process for current rostered teams, there is a two-week period in which our Professional Trainers use team training sessions to assess all currently rostered players.  Trainers will use these sessions to finalize team placement of any player that will potentially be shifting between teams. 


Selection of players for teams is based on the annual player evaluation process, trial period, and a strong commitment to practices, games and tournaments.  Trainers are evaluating the player's contributions and achievements from the previous season as well as assessing the player's current form, growth, and adaptability.  Team Calibration is also done at this time, meaning some players may have the opportunity to move across teams (within an age group) during the trials period to ensure skill and performance matches the standards of each team. 


It’s important to note, calibration does not guarantee immediate placement in the new team. It is only an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and for our Trainers to make informed decisions that align with the overall team dynamics and performance objectives of each team.


Any new & aspiring travel players looking to join a current rostered team will be invited to these training sessions as well.  A full evaluation and assessment will be done by the Professional Trainers during this time period to determine where an aspiring player should be placed.  The RVCSC does not limit aspiring or transfer player additions to this one period of time, however all aspiring travel player adds undergo the same thorough evaluation process that is held during the Trial Period.


New RVC Travel Teams | Incoming/Rising U9s

Tryout Schedule:

      Wednesday, May 8th         |     Friday, May 10th        

        Boys:  4:15-5:30pm                  |      Boys:  5:45-7:00pm

        Girls:  5:45-7:00pm                  |      Girls:  4:15-5:30pm


Embarking on the Travel Soccer journey with the Rockville Centre Soccer Club is an exciting and new experience for many parents and players.  The RVCSC is here to help make this process as transparent and enjoyable as we can. 


For rising U9 players who likely have not participated in Travel Soccer before - we hold two days of Tryouts during our May 6th - 17th Team Formation period.  Our Professional Trainers, with years of experience, work to evaluate various aspects of your child’s game to place them on an appropriately leveled team.  Team placement is based on your child’s performance during this tryout window.  Each player is evaluated on their current skills and performance ensuring a fair and equal assessment.  Some of the key areas of focus during the tryouts are:

  • Individual Ball Skill and Possession: Showcase your ball control.

  • Team Ball Possession: Demonstrate your ability to contribute to the team's possession.

  • Passing: Precision, accuracy, and distance.

  • Finishing: Demonstrate your goal-scoring prowess, shot strength and accuracy.

  • Defending: Defensive skills, including positioning and tackling.

  • Game Awareness: Showcase an understanding of spatial awareness and good decision-making.

  • Physical Attributes and Play: Assessing agility, speed, and overall body control.

  • Psychological and Focus: Ability to stay focused and take direction.

  • Attitude: A positive and team-oriented attitude is highly valued.

  • Effort: Willingness and ability to give 100% effort.


Players who are offered a roster spot will have a limited window of time to accept the team placement.  Team placement offers will start with the teams deemed to be in the top tier.  Depending on player acceptance, a limited number of players may be offered the opportunity to be re-rostered to ensure each team has an appropriate number of players.  Your player will be expected to play with their rostered team for the full Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons.  In the following Trialist Period (the following May/June), your player will be evaluated based on their first season in RVCSC Travel combined with their current abilities, and trial performance, and placed according to the process outlined above under “Current Rostered RVC Travel.”


Soccer Practice

At the Rockville Centre Soccer Club, we are committed to fostering a supportive environment that enables each player to reach their full potential. We encourage aspiring talents to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented during our selection process, as we strive for excellence on and off the field.

Join us at the Rockville Centre Soccer Club – where the love for the game meets a platform for growth and achievement!

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