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High School Soccer Team

RVC Soccer Club

Club Overview

​The Rockville Centre Soccer Club was established in 1971 to foster fun, competition, and teamwork in soccer.  Its founding members were extremely giving of their time and talents, and made teaching the game, playing with character, and supporting your team, coaches and club, as the focus of its efforts.  We continue in that tradition today and work to create an environment that allows each child to grow, develop, and mature both as young adults and ambassadors of the game.


Club Goals

  1. Provide high quality training and competition to our players in a consistent and developmentally appropriate setting.  This should include fun, challenge, gradual increases in responsibility, and individualized feedback.

  2. To promote sportsmanship as we train, compete, and develop within our own club and as ambassadors in tournaments, league matches, and wherever the game takes us.  

  3. To promote social & emotional learning through our participation in the game of soccer and in the community.

  4. To provide opportunities for the club as a whole to support one another - through “whole-club” social activities, “whole-club” fundraising and service projects, our website publications, spirit wear, etc.   The goal is a sense of unity through the game of soccer.

  5. To be mindful of the importance these years will have in a child’s memory and give them the opportunity to have fun and grow, as soccer players and people, through their participation in our program

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Club Training Philosophy

The RVC Soccer Club offers a number of programs to meet your child where they are in their soccer development.  Your child's age, ability, skill level, and competitive desire plays a big part in which program is right for them and you, as their parent or guardian.   

Throughout your child's playing journey with the RVC Soccer Club they will be guided by a variety of professional training organizations to help them develop their skills and playing approach while enjoying the game of soccer.


Currently, the RVC Soccer Program works with the Super Soccer Star organization for Intramurals and InterLeague and the RedBulls and other professional coaches for the Travel Programs.

The training approaches for Intramurals and InterLeague are built on the FUNdamentals of the game and the opportunity to build social connections while learning the game. 


The Travel Program is for players serious enough to make a commitment to being a part of a year round team and who aspire to play elite level soccer, which is reflected in the seriousness of the training organizations and programs the club employs. 

In addition to professional trainers, the RVC Soccer Club also requires Parent Coaches who support the teams through administrative and organizational tasks while also performing light coaching duties.

Children's Soccer Coach

RVC Soccer Club '23 - '24 Board Members

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